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Marlboro Reds 100s. Cigarettes Marlboro Red label

Marlboro Reds is a brand of cigarettes blondes in joint ownership in the USA and Altria Philip Morris International in the rest of the world.
Marlboro Red brand name comes from the address (Marlborough Street), London, the old factory.
Distributed in 170 countries, in 2010 it was the best selling brand of cigarettes in the world 1.

Marlboro Red nicotine content cigarettes in the package.

Explanation of the origin of the brand name simplifies Marlboro County in the UK in the late xix-century, where he lived Philip Morris, tobacco merchant in London.
When the Marlboro Reds brand was founded in 1926, it is aimed at a female audience. One end of the cigarette red, making the invisible traces of lipstick, and each is accompanied by a beautiful board advertising.
At that time, Marlboro is 15th in the standings, the best-selling cigarettes in the United States.
Philip Morris International (PMI) is a company specialized in the international tobacco products, whose headquarters are located in New York and operational headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Marlboro Red 100s is product Philip Morris.

Philip Morris International (PMI) produces, distributes and sells products derived from tobacco (cigarettes, tobacco, rolling Kreteks, chewing), and employs approximately 75,300 people worldwide. Its products are manufactured in more than 50 factories around the world: the main manufacturing facilities are located in the

  • Netherlands (Bergen Op Zoom),
  • Russia (St. Petersburg),
  • Germany (Berlin),
  • Turkey (Izmir),
  • Poland (Krakow),
  • Ukraine (Kharkiv),
  • Portugal (Albarraque).

  • Neuchatel in Switzerland is factory Philip Morris Products SA (formerly tobacco factories in combination), and a research and development group.
    In 2010, PMI sold 899 billion cigarettes in more than 160 countries, up 4.1% compared to 2009 (EU 223 mia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, MIA 289, Asia 282 MIA, Latin America and Canada 105 billion ), or 16% of the international market outside the United States 1. At the global level, it is the second-largest cigarette maker, the first of which is China’s tobacco monopoly of China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC).
    The company expects earnings per share for 2011 will be between 4,35 USD and USD 4,45 compared to $ 3.92 in 2010 2.
    In 2005, PMI acquired 96.65% of the outstanding shares of Compania Colombiana de Tabaco («Coltabaco») for $ 300 million, as well as PT HM Sampoerna Tbk for U.S. $ 5.2 billion. Sampoerna is the third largest manufacturer of cigarettes in Indonesia with an annual turnover of about one billion U.S. dollars. Sampoerma owns 20% of the market, which is characterized by a predominance of «kretek» cigarettes with cloves.
    The first quarter of 2007, PMI has increased its stake in Lakson Tobacco Company in Pakistan to 98% on the cost of USD 388 million. In November 2007, PMI has increased its stake in the Mexican subsidiary to 80% at the price of U.S. $ 1.1 billion. In 2008, PMI has increased its stake in Rothmans Inc., Canada from 40% to 100% of the price of 2 billion U.S. dollars.
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    Top 25 brands of Philip Morris International are Marlboro Red and other

    Top 25 brands of Philip Morris International areMarlboro Red, L & M, Bond Street, Philip Morris, Chesterfield, luck, Parliament, Lark, Morven Gold, 234 cigarettes, U Soft, Next, Optima, red and white, Muratti, Diana, for Merit, Champion, Virginia Slims, Apollo-Soyuz, Hope, Delicados, Longbeach, Minak Djinggo, Marathon 3.
    In October 2011, the Board of Directors of PMI are Harold Brown, Mathis Cabiallavetta, Louis C. Camilleri, J. Dudley Fishburn, Jennifer Lee, Graham Mackay, Sergio Marchionne, Lucio A. Noto, Robert B. Flight, Carlos Slim Helú, Stephen M. Wolf 4.
    Corporate Headquarters
    The operational headquarters of Philip Morris International (PMI) is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2002. It takes about 2,000 people. Since the spin-off of Altria made in March 2008, is headquartered in New York, where the company is incorporated independently (abbreviated PM). In accordance with the separation agreement, but it works in the United States (which remain the prerogative of Philip Morris USA, a company with which it shares the brands, but it is now completely separate).

    Mutation of Marlboro Red cigarettes.

    In 1954, the company decided to change the Philip Morris brand Marlboro Red and change the product. Among the major changes in the product include: a mixture of tobacco more, the new filter — an artificial tube, as found so far — and the arrival of a new package known as the flip-top box.
    At the same time, Leo Burnett — Chicago advertising — advertising imposed new Marlboro Red label. It is he who made the brand Marlboro Red cigarettes are sold in the world 1. Before focusing on the image of the cowboy, Marlboro connection staged a series of brave men, the cowboy is one of them Marlboro Man.

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    Marlboro Man.

    Marlboro Man is a term that defines the icon broadcast advertising in the world, cowboy, who, under this name symbolized the cigarette brand Marlboro Red 100s.
    Since 1970, Darrell Winfield, Oklahoma, was the main «Marlboro Man». Subsequently, dozens of other cowboys were transferred have their faces on television, in the press to promote the brand Marlboro Thourlby William, Charlie Conerly and Jim Patton of the New York Giants, Darrell Winfield, Dick Hammer, Brad Johnson, Bill Dutra, Dean Myers, Robert Norris, Tom Mattox, Wayne McLaren and David McLean. In the last two long-term smokers, died of cancer that started in his lungs.
    The most famous Wayne McLaren, who provided the features of the 1976, one died of lung cancer at the age of 51, in July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-two. McLaren, who began his career as an editor of the horses in the rodeo smoked a pack of cigarettes every day and a half and he was diagnosed with cancer in his 49 years. Despite chemotherapy, the removal of the lung, and radiation-based treatments, the cancer will eventually move to the brain and caused his death.

    Price of Marlboro Reds coupons

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    Upon learning of his illness, McLaren invested in anti-tobacco campaign, shows pictures shock: one of her young posing for Marlboro located side by side, showing him in his hospital bed, and the guy is close to death. His brother, the voiceover declares, «depending on thebrand, Marlboro smoking gives a vision of independence, but paired with these cars, you really are?» Despite the statements and evidence, Philip Morris, owner of the mark was first denied that McLaren worked for them, but a representative of the company, we recognize that a person was used Maclaren poker cards for Marlboro.
    David McLean, has appeared in numerous print ads and television in the early 1960s. He died at age 73 in 1995. He started smoking at age 12. In 1985, he was diagnosed with emphysema, and in 1993, a tumor in the right lung was removed. Despite the surgery, the cancer returned and migrated to the brain and spinal cord.
    In 1996, his widow, Philip Morris sued, accusing him of the death of her husband. She said her husband was not able to quit smoking because of his addiction to nicotine was the cause of his cancer. During the trial it was proved that McLean was forced to smoke five packs of cigarettes a day to get the best poses for commercials, a Philip Morris sent him cartons of cigarettes as a gift for their Home.
    In the early sixties, it was decided to focus on the campaign, only a cowboy. The idea to use the icon as a cowboy, is the idea of Burnett. To maintain the image of the cowboy, the agency decided to give it a medium: Marlboro country.
    Trade effect is amplified and Marlboro through the ranks to eventually become in 1972 the brand of cigarettes sold in the world: more than 300 billion cigarettes sold in 2009, the brand than the total of its three closest competitors 1.
    Icon broadcast advertising in the world, cowboy, came to symbolize the brand called Marlboro Marlboro Man. Two of the three actors representing the icon for commercials, Wayne McLaren and David McLean, died of lung cancer.

    Marlboro Red label and motorsports.

    Logo Marlboro Formula 1 Ferrari and his team at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2006.
    Marlboro Red label is one of many authors of car racing team Ferrari, and Ducati motorcycle. Last cigarette brand to sponsor the team F1, the brand since 2008, withdrew his car logos and replace them with a bar code, no markings in accordance with the law more stringent.
    In 2010, medical experts believe that the bar code on the hood of the car Ferrari Marlboro subconsciously causes. Barcode immediately removed from a livery for the Grand Prix of Spain 2010. In 2011, Ferrari is changing its logo, which is similar to not recognize, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

    Marlboro Reds price and movie.

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    Cigarette brand appeared in numerous films and TV series, with more or less discretion as Prison Break, Malcolm, Midnight Run, Midnight Cowboy, tenants, Apocalypse Now, Mean Streets, Babylon AD, Forrest Gump, Gomorrah, Carlos, Law & Order, Californication, Ong-Bak, Terminator 3, Tropic Thunder, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Mad Men, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut, Last Boyscout, Scent of a Woman, Millennium: a person who does not like women, or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
    In the X-Files «The man with a cigarette» smoke cigarettes Morley, fictitious brand of cigarettes, which contains nearly identical design package Marlboro. This fictional names are used in hundreds of movies.
    Actor Don Johnson playing the personification of the brand by the name of Robert «Marlboro» Lee Anderson in the movie Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

    Marlboro Lights or Marlboro Gold

    Marlboro Lights is a brand of cigarettes produced in 1924 by Philip Morris, a subsidiary of the multinational Altria.
    Altria Group Inc. (formerly Philip Morris Companies Inc.), Is one of the largest corporations in the world in areas such as food, tobacco and beverages.The place is located in the County of Henrico, Virginia.

    Altria is producers of Marlboro Ultra Lights

    The new name of the parent company Altria is the new name for the holding company parent of Kraft Foods, Philip Morris International and Philip Morris USA.
    Kraft Foods will remain the name of the second most important food industry in the world, the international tobacco industry is owned by Altria Group will continue to be called the Philip Morris International and Philip Morris USA-will continue to be the name of the most important tobacco industry in the United States. Many of its products are still being sold in Italy.
    The change brings greater clarity to the corporate structure and the relationship of the parent company and its operating companies. Operating companies will continue to grow world-famous brands such as Marlboro Gold Touch, Multifilter, merit, Chesterfield, Kraft, Parliament, Oreo, Ritz, Virginia Slims and Oscar Mayer.
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    The producers of Marlboro Gold pack

    • Philip Morris International, Inc (Marlboro, L & M, Chesterfield, Bond Street, Philip Morris, Parliament, soft, bird, Morven Gold, Next, G Sam Soe, Diana, Optima, Sampoerna Hijau, Muratti, Virginia Slims, Merit, Red & White, Apollo-Soyuz, Delicados, Boston, Multifilter, Longbeach, SG, Peter Jackson)
    • Philip Morris USA Inc. (Alpine, Basic, Benson & Hedges, Bristol, Cambridge, Chesterfield, Commander, Dave’s, English Ovals, L & M, Lark, Marlboro, Merit, Parliament, Players, Saratoga, Virginia Slims)
    • U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (Copenhagen, Red Seal, Skoal, Husky)
    • John Middleton Co. (Prince Albert, Carter Hall, Middleton, Kentucky Club)
    • Ste Michelle Wine Estates Ltd.
    • Philip Morris Capital Corporation

    Carton of Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Gold pack

    In USA Marlboro Gold Touch takes almost 35% of smokers in front of rival Camel. In the USA market, there are several options:
    • Red, with original white box with the logo of the brand in the form of a triangle of bright red raised, which completely covers the upper part of the package;
    • Gold (formerly Light), with a white box and the color of gold and the triangle logo are small compared to Marlboro red, have less tar and carbon monoxide.
    • Flavor Mix (formerly MX4, and to «Medium»), white bag, triangle logo smaller. Marlboro is the environment, taste bitter and acrid.
    • 29 mix with a package of beige and a small logo in the center of the triangle mark of the package itself, known as the classic, but with a much lower concentration of tar and carbon monoxide.
      100 (more cigarettes), longer and more durable than regular cigarettes.
    • Compact (cigarettes less) Service gray, shorter than usual and the same, therefore, the amount of content Marlboro Gold.
    • Gold Touch (cigarettes a little thinner than usual, the package is the same as that of normalMarlboro Gold, but black) bag black with a gray triangle. Cigarettes are a little thinner than normal and a little less long, the amount of nicotine equal to the speed of light, but they have less tar and less carbon monoxide.
    • «Core taste» (cigarettes and packet size, touching the gold, black bag and the color is similar to the triangle Flavor Mix). Marlboro Marlboro Gold Touch are as Marlboro Flavor Mix Main Marlboro tastes are.
    The company produces, but not in Italy, a pack of 30 g of tobacco roll freely. It should be mentioned on the label of each package, the words Veni, Vidi, Vici, the famous words of Julius Caesar.
    There is also a line of clothing sold in the world, Marlboro Classic, based Valentino Fashion Group in 1986.

    Marlboro lights nicotine content

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    How much is a carton of Marlboro Lights

    • Pack of Marlboro Gold
    • Red
    • Intense
    • Medium Dark Red
    • Dark green menthol
    • Menthol Light
    • Menthol Ultra Light
    • Light (in Europe called golden because of the law, which does not allow you to use terms such as «light» and «mild» in the names of cigarettes)
    • Ultra Light (Silver package)
    • Ultra Red (Amaranth package)
    • Milds (called Dark Blue)
    • Filter Plus (white bag with red lines sold only in Eastern Europe, and South Korea)
    • Filter Plus One (like the previous ones, but with the values ​​of 1/0, 1/1)
    • № 27 Blend (bronze package)
    • № 29 Blend (bronze package with blue stripes)
    • High quality Virginia Blend (silver metallic packaging) cigarettes
    • Black Menthol (sold only in Japan and Indonesia)
    • Ice Mint
    • Julio (sold in «South America)
    • Smooth
    • Menthol Smooth
    • Ice Blast (sold in Japan)
    • Mixture 54 green (menthol)
    • 72S: red, light and ultra light
    • Menthol 72S: Alternative Green and Blue
    • Marlboro Snus: Rich, Mild, peppermint, spearmint (sold only in Dallas, Indianapolis, and some U.S. military bases)
    • Marlboro MST (moist smokeless tobacco): Original, Long Cut and Fine Cut, Wintergreen, Long Cut and Fine Cut (sold only in Atlanta and Alaska)
    • Most (packet-Metallic Silver)
    • Marlboro Blue Fresh (for sale in Rhodes and Ibiza containing menthol strip in the longitudinal direction of the filter)
    • Marlboro 30 (package of «fat» from 30 cigarettes red for sale in Germany in 2002)
    Since the 80′s is the title sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1, and 2003 from Ducati in Moto GP, in 2005 it is highly restricted on color (in fact the West in July 2005, left the team McLaren Mercedes, and again in 2007 , the Mild Seven Renault F1, which sponsored the team and the support of Lucky Strike BAR Honda) in 2007 was only the Scuderia FerrariMarlboro, due to restrictive laws in many countries prohibit the display of trademarks associated with tobacco sponsorship in 2008, banned in F1 championship in every race since 2009 in MotoGP. The contract between Ferrari and Marlboro has been extended until 2015.
    Previously sponsored teams in various disciplines, such as automobile and motorcycle Indy Racing League, Yamaha, «Alfa Romeo, McLaren, 1999 edition in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, World Rally Car Championship for Toyota and Mitsubishi in 1998 to 1999 in 2001.
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    Carton Marlboro Lights

    • Automatic packing metal rolling
    • for the transport of cigarettes, there are different types of containers:
    • Paper is the most common material and is commonly used for packaging / box with a rectangular shape and thick, with two or more rows of cigarettes, but there are also boxes.
    • Metal containers are more stringent, as a rule, square and flat
    • Metal with Futurola vary from basic models for tends to be thicker and presentation Futurola, allowing you to create cigarettes immediately, for this reason, in addition to being able to maintain a ready and cigarettes can contain elements that compose.
    • Each type of packaging can be customized special or memorable portraits produced by the manufacturer or producer of tobacco.
    Cigarette smoke (or any tobacco), is a mixture of gases (87%), steam (5%) and suspended solids (8%).
    Smoke from burning cigarette contains over 4000 compounds. About 3900 of these substances is a serious harmful to living organisms. In general, however, the product of the most burning in oxygen deficiency is likely to produce unburned particles or smoke, contain compounds that are harmful to health.

    Marlboro Cigarette during combustion.

    Nicotine is a major component of tobacco, which gives the aroma and flavor, it is mostly eliminated in the air, while a small amount reaches the lungs, from which it is partially absorbed, usually in conjunction with the fifteenth twentieth amount of nicotine present in the inhaled smoke, a total of 1 to 2 mg for each cigarette smoked. The causes of high blood pressure, increased heart rate and produces a reduction in the peripheral blood vessels, is also an agent, which is more than any other port in the smoker’s dependence and addiction.

    Dependence and withdrawal from smoking

    Comparative table on the negative consequences in terms of drug use and injuries among different substances. Tobacco is in the intermediate class, along with alcohol and benzodiazepines.
    Tobacco, and, in particular, the nicotine contained in it, can be addictive.
    The existence of abstinence from nicotine assumed for the first time in 1942, but it has been scientifically proven by studies carried out on tobacco between 1961 and 1975, Dr. Herbert Silvette and Paul Larson. At first it was thought that the symptoms were inconsistent addiction and psychological origin, and only in the late seventies it was a real withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Initial approach promoted the belief that nicotine does not lead to addiction, and in this context, inserted themselves disinformation campaign by industry cigarettes, which for decades have sought to hide the deadly risks associated with smoking.

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    Indicator to understand the subject of nicotine dependence is simply trying to delay the so-called «first cigarette of the day» often we come across all the «abstinence from smoking, and the person seeking help can not stop myself. It should, however, distinguish between physical dependence and psychological dependence. Nicotine or cigarettes in full (for example, very to smoke or hold a cigarette between your fingers) can generate both.
    Dependence on cigarettes can vary greatly from person to person, but in general there is a decrease or disappearance of symptoms of physical abuse within ten days after the lastcigarette, while the psychological dependence can last for months and years, never go away completely.

    Marlboro Lights price

    Some studies put the highlight extreme difficulties for those who are trying to quit smoking completely: less than 7% of those who did not enjoy the support of drugs and / or mental health had not started smoking again after one year. Recently, it has also been placed on the «hypnosis» to acupuncture, medications that contain nicotine and bupropion.
    Hypnosis therapist to send a message to the patient is immersed in a low state of consciousness, which may increase the suspension of smoking, rather than the method of acupuncture therapy headset , nicotine-based products, or a patch, chewing gum or spray, they tend to break the cycle of physical dependence, bupropion, finally produces an aversion to smoking.

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