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вторник, 6 марта 2012 г.

Camel cigarettes products

Camel is a trademark consisting of a mixture of Turkish and United State Control, which has a unique position in the market. To this day the quality of Camel cigarettes is one of the few pleasures through a combination of the finest type of tobacco by offering smokers around the world a unique taste. One of the constituent parts of Camel cigarettes success is a combination of high tobacco quality and low price products. They belong to the 10Best-selling cigarette brands, which come in different varieties. Camel cigarettes had been agreed so that you can smoke is much easier, in contrast to the more popular brands of hard during their introduction in 1913 RJReynolds. In 1987, RJ Reynolds was one of the most effective advertising campaigns in history.

On its 75th anniversary in 1988, he introduced a new character in the Camel Advertising: Joe Camel. Four years later, the Journal of the American Medical Association published two reports on Joe Camel and kids. One study showed that 91% of the 6-year-olds recognized Joe Camel, similar to the percentage who recognized Mickey Mouse. In another study finds that since the beginning of Joe Camel campaign in 1987, the share of Camel cigarettes to 18 years, the market rose sharply sale! The young character is portrayed as a suave and sophisticated in various public places such as bars and pool halls. The campaign has helped raise the market share of Camel cigarettes. As part of the settlement in the industry with state prosecutors, the tobacco companies agreed to eliminate human and cartoon figures in advertising --- a move that doomed Joe Camel, and Camel cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes Marlboro Man. But Camel logos have already found their way into collections of tobacco memorabilia around the world. Cigarette packages are shown in full color and coverage, and represent the values ​​of collectors. For decades, Camel has been male-oriented cigarette, but RJReynolds started to produce Camel cigarettes are designed for women. Camel № 9 cigarettes come in a package that is hot pink with the slogan: "Light and luscious." The new version, Camel № 9, has a name that invokes feminine fragrance like Chanel № 19, as well as songs about romance, "Love Potion number 9." Camel image on the pack has a thing for the arguments you can always recognize what is actually there. All things have been written about what can be seen in the Camel body: Lion, Manneken Pis, naked man.

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