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вторник, 6 марта 2012 г.

Marlboro cigarettes is an American symbol

Marlboro Man is an American icon (symbol). The cowboy figure used to market Marlboro cigarettes captures the essence of the ideal American man. Marlboro Man showed the distinctive red Marlboro cigarette pack for almost fifty years - on billboards, in shop window displays, as well as in magazines and newspapers. But Marlboro cigarettes are not always sold with the macho image of this figure. When the Marlboro cigarettes were first introduced in 1920 they were sold to women, with the slogan "Soft as May." This approach has been successful before the Second World War (1939-45), at low sales caused Marlboro packs to be withdrawn from the market. Cigarettes were revived in 1950, and the first medical studies of smoking-cancer connection began to reach the public.

It was believed that cigarettes Marlboro, filter, may offer the illusion of smokers to reduce the risk to health. However, the filter was considered effeminate, many people which accounted for the bulk of the market. Leo Burnett Company, Chicago advertising agency, was tasked with creating Marlboro cigarettes appealing to men. As a result "tattooed" campaign. It was attended by a number of newspapers shows a man with a tattoo on the hand holding Marlboro. This person would be one of several "manly" types, such as police, fire, construction, or cowboy. The agency studied the reaction of consumers, and the cowboy figure proved to be very popular. By 1957, replaced all the other cowboy. The image of the harsh lighting of the western outdoors become part of American culture. He also helped make Marlboro the best-selling cigarette in America.

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