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вторник, 6 марта 2012 г.

Cheap Marlboro cigarettes online

Do you remember a man of Marlboro? The iconic image of a durable cowboys is forever lasting images of the most popular brand of cigarettes in the world. Marlboro cigarettes are popular in the east to west and is an icon of popular brands of cigarettes. Even today, images of man, Marlboro, seems unprecedented, one of the most brilliant advertising of the 20th century. MARLBORO was originally marketed to women who wish to smoke, but did not like the treatment of fat cigars.

From the light in May, Marlboro ad on the shift of 180 degrees and took the risk for men, free markets and boom! Marlboro became the icon that we have come to understand to this day. In 1950, cigarettes come in the filtered and unfiltered versions, with a filter version is sold only to women. Under the old research filter cigarettes will be safer than unfiltered so Marlboro, which was launched in order to be just for women has been transformed into a successful campaign for men who are more conscious about their health, but want to keep their smoking habits. It would seem a great idea, and this led to the success of the rapid growth of more than $ 5 billion and more in subsequent years. The new architecture of the product was developed by Philip Morris International Marlboro cigarettes in a position in an entirely new light, with the observance of the rules on labeling and marketing of cigarette products. Marlboro comes in three flavors, aroma, crisp and gold.

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