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четверг, 15 марта 2012 г.

Marlboro Country Store

At its 'Country Store'a recent issue of the U.S. edition of "Advertising Age", announces the launch of a new promotion for Marlboro - the promotion of the country's Store. Double album spreads in magazines such as Life and Sports Illustrated illustrate the range of fourteen elements of Western-style ...Stetson hats, belts and buckles, lariats, saddles, outdoor cooking items and so on. Order form asks for two Marlboro bag or box end label to send it. "Owls: in life should be strong in the high country of Marlboro", says an editorial in Ad Age ", according to the price points of Philip Morris Inc., was driven into its new cheap Marlboro Country Store promotion.
" We are talking about prices range from $ 225 for the lining of the sheep Cowboy sheepskin wool coat, to $ 2.50 per set of four "chuck wagon coffee cup." representative of Philip Morris cites that the number of orders, promotion encourages less important than the appearance of a new campaign to promote the image of Marlboro. action clearly provides operating funds in the store display. Some of the items available from the liquidator's own items offered in the past year, "Chuck-wagon cooking to Marlboro Country" promotion, in which 10 million copies (7,000,000 of them for life magazine) of the 16-page cookbook was distributed. Other U.S. cigarette stocks in the same paragraph to include another chart Philip Morris, giving free dictionaries from the pocket of the box with the parliament. Liggett and Myers said that more than 40 million packs of Chesterfield spend Super Coupons - is to be a band of five panels, separated by perforations. Four panels contain proposals for branded goods from companies, while the fifth item of luxury Chesterfield coupon that can be exchanged for goods, cash or a brand. Salem has a "bicycle rates" promotion, offering 500 pairs of "his" n her "touring cycle winners. Office of the President of Lorillard sweep-map for Kent and the truth, in which the winner receives a weekly salary of the top ($ 4000) the president once a year for four years.

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